Thứ Sáu, 1 tháng 8, 2014

How to find the right blush for your skin tone

Find your skin tone here: 

PORCELAIN — APRICOT: Fair skin with warm undertones look gorgeous with a peachy-yellow shade.
IVORY — PALE PINK: Fair skin with cool undertones naturally work best with cool pinks.
BEIGE– AMBER: Medium skin tones with yellow or olive undertones look beautiful with amber shades.
TAWNY — ROSE: Medium to dark skin tones with cool undertones work harmoniously with the cool undertones of a rosy cream blush.
ALMOND — FUCHSIA: Dark skin tones with warm undertones surprisingly radiate more with cool bright pink blush shades than with warm shades.
EBONY — TANGERINE: Again, but this time with dark skin tones that have cool undertones, go for the opposite with a warm blush {tangerine} instead of a cool pink that tends to get lost.

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